Friday, February 4, 2011

ScrumUP Fairytale - Part 2

The Soup Stone – 2: Something odd…

There is something odd going on though, because every time he sees a little settlement it is followed by a piece of wasteland and then a little settlement again. This pattern continues for quite some time along the road he is following. There are only little paths leading from each little settlements to the main road, never from one settlement to another. As the soldier approaches a city he notices the little settlements start to be closer together and more and more settlements appear. But the pattern of pieces of wasteland between each settlement is never broken. Although the settlements are getting closer and closer together there are still no paths between them.

He sees people on the road but never walking alone. All people are walking in little groups. Every time he passes a group of people he greets them kindly, but his greetings are never answered. And if groups of people pass each other he doesn't see them greet each other either. Not even the people working on the land greeted him. The more he looks around, the stranger this all feels because all the people he sees on first sight look like normal people to him. He does notice though that all people within a little group all very much look alike. They wear exactly the same clothes in the same colors, have the same hair color and walk in the same way. The same is true for the houses, all houses in a little settlement have the same form, are made of the same bricks and have equally colored roofs. Even the vegetables that are grown on the pieces of farmland are all the same. Looking closer he notices the people working on the land near houses with green roofs have greenish hair and wear green clothes and grow leek. People working near houses with orange roofs have orange hair, wear orange clothes and grow carrots and people working near houses with red roofs have red hair, wear red clothes and grow tomatoes.

Method Overview
This month we provide an overview of the methods Scrum, XP and RUP. We start with a short history of software development and the origin of the aforementioned methods. After that we take a look at why methods are useful followed by an introduction to each of the aforementioned methods. We conclude with a comparison of methods, showing why it is useful to combine them.

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