Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top Ten Reads on Agile Contracts

At the XP Days on November 29. and 30. 2012 in the netherlands we present a workshop called "Agile Contracting Games - Experience What It Takes to Build a Cooperative Environment". In this workshop we play card games to investigate the topic of Agile contracting.

To follow up on this workshop we are collecting a top ten of links to the greatest reads on Agile Contracts.

10 Contracts for your next Agile Software Projet by Peter Steven

YouTube: Agile Contract Negotiation

Agile contracts primer by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde

Alistair Cockburn on Agile Contracts

Martin Fowler on Scope Limbering and contracts

Mary Poppendieck on Righteous Contracts

Jeff Sutherland's Money For Nothing, Change For Free

Kent Beck's Optional Scope Contracts

We are not at ten yet so help us out...

Also follow the discussion on the Scrum Practitioners LinkedIn group "Reading suggestions on Agile contracts?"

A lot of publications on Agile contracts handle payment models or topics for the contract but not the mindset it reflects. When starting a new Agile initiative however, wouldn't it be nice if the contract would reinforce the Agile mindset as well? In the next post on an 'Agile Contract Scan' we suggest elements for a scan you can use to assess a contract.


  1. I suggest "Optional Scope Contracts" by Kent Beck:

    1. Dear Stefan,

      What a great read. I have of course added it to our list.

      Kind regards,

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